Stocks to Study (5/13/2016)

This Week at MANIFEST (5/13/2016)

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response.” – Arthur Schlesinger

“The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.” – Sydney Harris

This week’s update batch has a number of community favorites in the mix. The following companies are all members of the MANIFEST 40 — the most widely-followed companies by our subscribers:

  • Cognizant Technology (2)
  • Microsoft (3)
  • Oracle Corp. (16)
  • Alphabet/Google (19)
  • Wells Fargo (22)
  • Price T. Rowe (36)

Amazon (AMZN) has been an important contributor to Hugh McManus and his superior returns as a participant in the Round Table. AMZN ranks as the all-time leading selection despite that lonely selection in Chicago a few years ago. Other companies that have been featured in Round Table sessions include: Alphabet/Google (GOOG), Bank of America (BAC), Bank of New York Mellon (BK), Cognizant Technology (CTSH), eBay (EBAY), Global Payments (GPN), Infosys Tech (INFY), Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL), PayPal (PYPL), Priceline (PCLN), SEI Investments (SEIC), T. Rowe Price (TROW) and Western Union (WU).

Results, Remarks & References

Companies of Interest: Value Line (5/13/2016)

The average Value Line low total return forecast for the companies in this week’s update batch is 6.9% vs. 5.4% for the Value Line 1700 ($VLE).

Materially Stronger: SLM (SLM), (PCLN), Western Union (WU), BlackRock (BLK), Earthlink (ELNK), Adobe Systems (ADBE), Facebook (FB), (OSTK), Amazon (AMZN)

Materially Weaker: Invesco (IVZ), EZCorp (EZPW)


Coverage Initiated/Restored:

Market Barometers

Value Line Low Total Return (VLLTR) Forecast. The long-term low total return forecast for the 1700 companies featured in the Value Line Investment Survey is 5.4%, unchanged from 5.4% last week. For context, this indicator has ranged from low single digits (when stocks are generally overvalued) to approximately 20% when stocks are in the teeth of bear markets like 2008-2009.

Stocks to Study (5/13/2016)

  • RedHat (RHT) — Highest MANIFEST Rank
  • Citigroup ( C ) — Highest Low Return Forecast (VL)
  • Priceline (PCLN) — Lowest P/FV (Morningstar)
  • Priceline (PCLN) —Lowest P/FV (S&P)
  • H&R Block (HRB) — Best 1-Yr Outlook (ACE)
  • Symantec (SYMC) — Best 1-Yr Outlook (S&P)
  • Netflix (NFLX) — Best 1-Yr Outlook (GS)

The Long & Short of This Week’s Update Batch

The Long & Short. (May 13, 2016) Projected Annual Return (PAR): Long term return forecast based on fundamental analysis and five year time horizon. Quality Ranking: Percentile ranking of composite that includes financial strength, earnings stability and relative growth & profitability. VL Low Total Return (VLLTR): Low total return forecast based on 3-5 year price targets via Value Line Investment Survey. Morningstar P/FV: Ratio of current price to fundamentally-based fair value via S&P P/FV: Current price-to-fair value ratio via Standard & Poor’s. 1-Year ACE Outlook: Total return forecast based on analyst consensus estimates for 1-year target price combined with current yield. The data is ranked (descending order) based on this criterion. 1-Year S&P Outlook: 1-year total return forecast based on S&P 1-year price target. 1-Yr “GS” Outlook: 1-year total return forecast based on most recent price target issued by Goldman Sachs.

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