About Us: What We Do

Depending on your perspective, it’s a journey of nearly 80 years or 15 years-in-the-making.

Manifest Investing is actually more about what we believe YOU can do.

It starts with EXPECTING ALPHA.

Many of the participants (clubs and individuals) in the modern investment club movement have achieved superior returns.  It all starts with expecting alpha, building expectations for our stocks and our portfolios.  The objective is to outperform stock market benchmarks by five percentage points over the long term.

Of course we know that market performance can be humbling and there are NO GUARANTEES.  But we seek to stack the probabilities of success in our favor.  How?  Keep it simple.  Occam was right.

The two most important characteristics for any investment are its return forecast, or projected annual return (PAR) and quality.  Our quality rankings are based on financial strength, consistency of profitability and relative comparisons (vs. peers/competitors) for growth and profitability expectations.

The time-honored method has existed since 1941 and the underlying concepts are among the most respected and successful in the world of investing.

This is not “just for clubs” and it is not your grandfather’s investing black box.

Manifest Investing is a work-in-progress and represents an evolving focus on what matters — delivering the lessons learned and best practices witnessed while watching legions of successful long-term investing.

We show you how.  We provide continuous demonstrations and lessons.  We believe that anyone can do this.

It all starts with Expecting Alpha.


Manifest Investing is a subscription web site (ONLY $79/year.)  Group discounts are available for partners in investment clubs. We provide web-based stock and fund research, an e-newsletter, seminars, tools for portfolio design & management … community-based discussions, demonstrations and educational events.

A fully functional FREE 30-day trial is available by creating an account.  No hassle, simply an opportunity to explore at will.  (If you prefer to avoid the credit card authorization, send an email requesting a trial account to markr@manifestinvesting.com)  Check out some stock reports, screen for some study candidates, create a dashboard, absorb a few “cover stories” and “listen” to some Forum discussions or archived Events.

Contact Us

For questions, information on current webcasts or live/local events, or to inquire about special/customized group offers/discounts for (e.g. investment clubs):


Phone: 312-224-1698

Mailing Address: Manifest Investing, Box 81120, Rochester Michigan 48308-11220

(c) Manifest Investing 1993-2019. All rights reserved. All efforts are made to use factual and timely sources believed to be reliable. No warranties whatsoever are implied. This publication and any affiliated services represent an educational demonstration. NO INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATION IS INTENDED.  These are personal observations, discussions and accounts and are not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are our own.

4 thoughts on “About Us: What We Do

  1. Our club uses Manifest Investing and myself in particular. It is so much help to have some of the research already done. We can look at the list of companies, compare and sort and then start studying the ones we are interested in. We like your website.


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