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Manifest Investing is a web-based investing system including research and features/tools for stock and fund screening as well as resources for portfolio design and management.  The community and content stream generates a continuous flow of actionable ideas.  We seek and deliver “elegant simplicity” by focusing on a small number of factors and characteristics that really matter.  Features and regular webcasts feature demonstrations of analysis and methods. Our focus is on demystifying investing — particularly when it comes to the design and management of a portfolio — enabling anyone to experience successful investing with their personal investing or retirement plans. We endorse and encourage investment clubs as vehicles for support and group learning.

Mark Robertson (markr@manifestinvesting.com) is founder and Managing Partner of Manifest Investing, served as senior contributing editor for Better Investing and has worked with successful investment clubs and individual investors since 1993. He has appeared on National Public Radio, CNBC and ABC to discuss long-term investing. He has also worked with Smart Money, Barron’s, Money magazine and the Motley Fool and been covered by the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch as well as a number of local publications.

Kurt Kowitz (kurtk@manifestinvesting.com) co-founder and Technology Manager, is responsible for web site development, operations and customer service. Kurt was largely responsible for the development of online data in support of software and web-based delivery at NAIC.  As father to two young boys, Kurt is interested in long-term investing for purposes of college one day and retirement another:  Responsibly Lazy Shopping

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Ken Kavula (kkavula1@comcast.net) has served the modern investment club movement in a wide variety of leadership volunteer positions. A retired educator, he is regarded as a small company champion and respected speaker nationwide. Ken also belongs to four investment clubs, including two Model clubs and a family club.

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Cy Lynch (celynch@att.net) is a respected and experienced long-term investor and educator. Cy is a frequent contributor at MANIFEST, providing regular educational topics and a knight of the Round Table series.

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Hugh McManus (hughmcmanus@gmail.com) is a pharmaceutical scientist, successful long-term investor and renowned advocate at investment education conferences. A frequent contributor to MANIFEST, Hugh is also a knight, participating in our Round Table series.

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