Round Table (October 2014)

Round Table (October 2014)

The October session of the Round Table is tonight.

This is a FREE webcast where we name some favorites, perform some analysis, discuss market conditions and keep track of all selections made since inception about 4 1/2 years ago. The tracking portfolio leads the market with a positive relative return (vs. Wilshire 5000) of +0.6%. (The absolute return is 11.6% annualized) 50.6% of all decisions have outperformed the market since selection.

Stocks likely to be featured:

  • Copa Holdings (CPA)
  • Fastenal (FAST)
  • Synaptics (SYNA)

Registration and Event Details:

Market Barometer ($USHL)

Investors seem to be a bit sidelined and the traders, hedgies and hackers are festive over their plus or minus 300 point swings in the market — all the while they pretend to wring their hands and sweat cold. That steady market climb of the last few years is awfully boring for them. Getting fired by CALPERs probably feels like a wedgie to many of them. Don’t be surprised if they continue to take it out on “us.”

We looked at $USHL last week, but we’ll keep a close eye on a break below +100 and we note that the long-term trend is still quite strong. Remain defensive, seek high-quality but it’s still business as usual for an investor with a long time horizon.

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