Dilbert: A Stock Market Perspective

The Stock Market Is Doing It’s “Stock Market Thing”

You know him as the originator of the Dilbert series. Scott Adams shared some thoughts on investing during his podcast yesterday. Scott will be the first to tell you that we should not take investment advice from him. That said, we can certainly contemplate perspective … particularly when that results in a grounding of emotions…

The following is an unofficial transcript of the podcast. It may be slightly paraphrased but it definitely captures the essence and general attitude. Adams focuses on “systems rather than goals.”

In Scott’s words …

Simply put, ” My goal is to stay alive … not be a burden on the healthcare system.”

I take a nice long walk every day … I’ve taken sugar completely out of diet … with [prudent/periodic brief] time outs from social media.

Keep your stress down. Relax.

The stock market is doing it’s stock market thing of trying to scare us.

I’m not worried whatsoever about a generally falling stock market. Do you know what really bothers me? A generally rising stock market when I’m not in it. When the stock market goes down, my share of the world goes down proportionally. And when it goes up, my share goes up proportionally. My success generally depends on the world doing well. And it has.

So, no, I’m not worried about the stock market.

If you think you’ll be alive for two years or more, then you shouldn’t be afraid.

Don’t worry about the stock market Invest widely in successful companies. When the success continues … The stock market will do it’s thing … and then it’ll be back.

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