The Stocks We Follow (December 2014)

 MANIFEST 40 Update

“We have always believed that the collective decisions made by our community of like-minded, long-term investors are worth huddling over … a place where ideas are born.”

This managed “tracking portfolio” of your collective favorites has outperformed the Wilshire 5000 by +3.3%. The absolute rate of return for the trailing 9 1/4 years is 9.6%.

Our MANIFEST 40 is a celebration of collective excellence in stock selection, strategy and disciplined patience. We continuously monitor the 40 most-widely followed stocks by our community of subscribers at Manifest Investing. We think it’s more than a fair assumption that many of these are in your real money portfolios … and for that, we’re optimistic and grateful. This managed “tracking portfolio” of your collective favorites has outperformed the Wilshire 5000 by +3.3% (relative rate of return, percentage points). The aggregate absolute rate of return has been 9.6% during a period when the annualized rate of return for the general stock market has been 6.3%.

Capturing Attention: Chargers

Schlumberger (SLB) moved from #39 to #34 and continues to attract interest despite the current challenges in the energy sector. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) returns to the MANIFEST 40 at #36 as chicken wings, beer and sporting events continue to deliver for investors.

The results of $100 positions investing in any of the Top 40 companies can be viewed at any time at:

Strongest Performers

The three top performers in the MANIFEST 40 since inception, based on annualized relative rate of return, are Cognizant Technology (+27.4%!), PRA Group (25.8%) and Apple (24.8%).

The charter members of the MANIFEST 40: Microsoft (3), Stryker (4), AFLAC (5), Johnson & Johnson (6), General Electric (7), Cisco Systems (8), Walgreen (11), FactSet Research (14), Oracle Corp (18), PepsiCo (17), Teva Pharmaceutical (16), Intel Corp (21), Medtronic (22), Danaher (26) and Wal-Mart (31).

We’ll continue to pay the most attention to these community favorites. Keep up the good hunting!

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