Fusion Screen (4/9/2013)

By Deglr6328 (Wikimedia Commons)

Infosys Tech (INFY) remains among the more interesting stocks in our Fusion Screen.

Recent Solomon Select feature Atwood Oceanics (ATW) continues to represent the Energy sector. Apple (AAPL) may have more short-term downside when it comes to price, but is a solid selection for committed long-term investors.

Screening Criteria:

1. Fusion Ranking = 100. (Combination of Fundamental and Technical Factors)
2. Quality Ranking greater than 60.
3. Bullish Point-and-Figure Sentiment. (Source: Stockcharts.com)
4. Price-to-Fair Value less than 100%. (Sources: Morningstar and S&P)

Fusion screen 20130409

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