Look Out Below: MYL, NVO & RHI

Lookout Below

During the weekly update, the following stocks were flagged based on a decline from RSI greater than 70 (potentially overbought) to less than 70. Reminder: We use a long-term chart (monthly) for this analysis.

All of these companies should be subjected to an assertive portfolio-centered selling analysis.

  • Mylan Labs (MYL)
  • Novo Nordisk (NVO)
  • Robert Half (RHI)

Lob dash 20130412

Mylan Labs (MYL)

Myl 10yr 20130412

Novo Nordisk (NVO)

Love the company … would probably want to wait for a slightly higher PAR and a clear reversal in the RSI trend.

Nvo 10yr 20130412

Robert Half (RHI)

This community favorite has had a heckuva run over the last several months. With a PAR (5.9%) less than the market average (MIPAR = 7.0%) and relatively rare RSI breaks and excursions over the last ten years, if you’re holding this high-quality (Quality Rank = 88th percentile) career and employment leader, your recent gains may be worth capturing/protecting.

Check overall portfolio return forecasts and this RSI break condition could be a tiebreaker when pondering selling candidates.

Rhi 10yr 20130412

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