MANIFEST 40: More Stuff (4/10/2013)

Mi 40 sentiment 20130410r


Some statistics for the MANIFEST 40, our collection of the 40 most widely-followed stocks by our subscribers:

Average Relative Strength Index (12): 64.3

Price Pressure: +10.5%

Average Value Line Low Total Return Forecast: 9.8%

3-Year Average EPS Growth (2012-2014): 10.0%

Average Fusion Ranking: 85

Morningstar Average Price-to-Fair Value: 97%

Standard & Poor’s Average Price-to-Fair Value: 96%

Notable Stocks

Lowest P/FV (Morningstar):  Apple (AAPL)

Lowest P/FV (S&P):  Cisco Systems (CSCO) and CVS Caremark (CVS)

Look Out Below?: Danaher (DHR) recently broke below RSI of 70 …

So did Fastenal (FAST).

Tracking Dashboard: MANIFEST 40

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