Round Table (November 2013)

Join us Saturday morning (11/23 11 AM ET) for the November 2013 Round Table as we explore, discover and CELEBRATE the performance results of the tracking portfolio.

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The mood is certain to be festive — grateful, even — as we celebrate a legacy of stock selection in/with a COMMUNITY of long-term investors who are no strangers to the land of alpha and positive relative returns. We’re not afraid to keep score and we’re always seeking lessons and best practices to make us all better.

The annualized relative return since inception is now at +3.1% with an overall outperformance accuracy of 57.9%.

Approximately 2% of 20113 funds achieved better performance over the trailing 3-years. [Source: Morningstar]

Ken Kavula, Hugh McManus, Mark Robertson and special guest damsel, Susan Maciolek will share our favorite Thanksgiving stock ideas.

Tune in to see if Hugh McManus can actually find a deep value stock that captures his attention … he’s “passed” a few times lately and believes that bargains are a little more challenging to find than usual even as Black Friday approaches.

Companies Likely To Be Studied/Presented:

  • Apple (AAPL)
  • Cognizant Technology (CTSH)
  • Panera Bread (PNRA)


Round Table Tracking Dashboard

Red October: Forbes Best Small Companies for 2013

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