Danaher (DHR): Look Out Below?

Danaher (DHR) nudged up to a relative strength of 70+ but has subsided back to 66.7.

The following analyses suggest a higher potential/probability of some short- and intermediate-term price disturbance … but depending on portfolio-centered decisions, likely a hold in most portfolios.

But a stock price speed bump wouldn’t surprise us.

Dhr 10yr 20130410

Danaher (DHR) is a consensus hold based on the following perspectives:

Dhr pov 20130410

Business Model Analysis

It’s pretty clear why Danaher (DHR) has been a long-time community favorite and charter member (since 9/30/2005) of the MANIFEST 40.

Say it with me: “Up, Straight and Parallel”

The analysis supports a sales growth forecast of 7-10%, consistent with the opinions of Value Line, Morningstar and S&P.

Dhr model 20130410

Chronicle: Return Forecast and Quality EKG

Dhr chronicle 20130410

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