Heavy Hogs (2012): Groundhog VI Results

Groundhog Frigid

The Heavy Hogs for 2012 (the most frequently selected stocks one year ago) struggled a bit during Groundhog VI — checking in at 6.3% while the Wilshire 5000 gained 16.4%.

This doesn’t bode well for the Groundhog field as our accountants continue to tally the final results. Chances are if you had Portfolio Recovery (PRAA), ResMed (RMD), Google (GOOG), Bio-Reference Labs (BRLI), Oracle (ORCL) or Walgreen (WAG) — you’re smiling. These were the only six out of the seventeen heavy hogs to outperform the market, or 35.3%. (Values shown in the accompanying table are $100 invested on 2/2/2012)

We’re accustomed to a higher number than 35.3%.

Heavy hogs dash 20130201

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