Our Groundhog VII Stock Selection Contest

We hold certain truths to be self-evident.

That most of us like to sleep at night.

That most of us believe in Occam’s Razor.

Most of us marvel at the performance of a relatively-passive model portfolio like our Bare Naked Million

We’ve also paid homage to Eddy Elfenbein and his six year winning streak of beating the S&P 500 with his Buy List at Crossing Wall Street.

Therefore, we’ll keep it even simpler for Groundhog VII (2013).

1. Enter by selecting a minimum of five (5) investments and a maximum of twenty (20) positions.

2. Participants will receive $1,000,000 in Groundhog dollars. The cool million will be divided evenly amongst the number of positions you decide to use. In other words, if you pick (5) stocks … we’ll divide the $1,000,000 evenly, creating a public dashboard with $200,000 each.

3. No transactions will be permitted between February 4, 2013 and February 2, 2014.

4. Entries can be made all weekend and will be accepted until the market opens on Wednesday, February 6.

Entries can be submitted by emailing manifest@manifestinvesting.com or by posting in the Groundhog Challenge forum folder at http://www.manifestinvesting.com. (Subscription or FREE trial accounts)

5. Stocks under $1 not permitted.

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