Things That Go Bump In The Night

During a recent Round Table webcast, Hugh McManus (March 2011)  shares that humans aren’t necessarily “wired” to deal with the challenges of investing and that we have to seek means of dealing with it.

When you’re sitting around the campfire, noises from the darkness are generally BAD. Fear of darkness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just might save your life under the right circumstances. But that same core of human instincts is closely related to why investors in general make bad investing decisions when clouded by emotions and/or adrenaline. During our February Round Table, Hugh McManus shared stories of cavemen, mammoths on the bad end of a spear … our quest for fat (the perfect food) … all while weaving a tale that explained why Vulcans will choose Earth as a perfect retirement village. Turns out our stock market is pretty good hunting for them.

Webcast: Things That Go Bump In The Night (Approx. 24 minutes)

For more information and archived Round Table sessions:

One thought on “Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. […] Hugh McManus ( is a pharmaceutical scientist, successful long-term investor and renowned advocate at investment education conferences. A frequent contributor to MANIFEST, Hugh is also a knight, participating in our Round Table series. Things That Go Bump In The Night […]

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