Little Nudges Can Make A Difference

Originally Published: November 2010 (Expected Returns newsletter)

If you’ve ever wondered how the “little things” in life make a difference, we invite you to spend a few moments with career teacher and retired principal Ken Kavula and his wife Natalie. Scores of investors have been favorably affected and influenced by them. Natalie is a career teacher also. They have both served as volunteers for the national umbrella organization for investment clubs (NAIC) and have delivered a number of educational opportunities and events for investors in all parts of our community. Based on the impact, it’s clear that sometimes “little things” aren’t so little, after all. As Ken often reminds, small companies can deliver large impact on our investing journey.
Investing together is something Ken and Natalie Kavula enjoy. This photo, taken after Ken received a lifetime achievement award for excellence in volunteerism, is from an NAIC national convention. Ken stipulates that any first person “I” in this story should really be a “we”. Natalie and Ken are partners and their family investments are jointly managed. That includes studying, buying, maintaining and selling! “We do it all together and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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One thought on “Little Nudges Can Make A Difference

  1. […] Ken Kavula ( has served the modern investment club movement in a wide variety of leadership volunteer positions. A retired educator, he is regarded as a small company champion and respected speaker nationwide. Ken also belongs to four investment clubs, including two Model clubs and a family club. Little Nudges Can Make A Difference […]

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