Red Carpet Ready!

The Golden Knight monoliths are in position outside the pavilion. The crowds are already forming for this Saturday’s Round Table award ceremony. We’ll be transmitting the festivities live starting at 10:30 AM from the red carpet.

Six-of-seven of these Round Table regulars BEAT THE MARKET in 2013: Ken Kavula, Cy Lynch, Hugh McManus, Mark Robertson, Guest Damsels (Kim Butcher, Susan Maciolek, Anne Manning), Guest Knights (Herb Lemcool, Matt Spielman, Nick Stratigos) and Audience Selections.

You can still reserve your “pajama-friendly” seat at:

Who will win the following awards?

  • Best Stock Selection (2013)
  • Best Stock Selection (All-Time)
  • Best Picture
  • Best Accuracy (2013)
  • Best Accuracy (All-Time)
  • Best Relative Return (2013)
  • Best Relative Return (All-Time)

Join us as we explore, discover and share our favorite stock ideas for 2014 and beyond …

Red carpet preps

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