MANIFEST 40 (March 2013)

The Stocks You Follow: March 2013 Update

We’ve always believed that the collective decisions made by our community of long-term investors is worth huddling over … a place where ideas are born.

Apple (AAPL) continues at the top of the leader board, a position the company has held for several months. AAPL first appeared on this listing on 9/24/2009 and proceeded to ascend to the summit.

Performance Results

It’s here that your favorites shine. The average annualized RELATIVE return for the current tracking portfolio is +4.2%. (The absolute return for the tracking portfolio since inception is 6.4%.)

The accuracy rating (% of outperforming entries) of the current selections is 59.0%.

Including all selections since inception (7.5 years) the annualized relative return of the MANIFEST 40 is +3.0%.

The figures in parentheses are the position of the company during the December 2012 listing of the MANIFEST 40. For example, FactSet Research (FDS) advanced from #17 to #13 over the last three months.


What companies are making the strongest gains among the consensus collection? This may be indicative of strong fundamentals (combined with attractive prices and return forecasts) and probably warrants further study.

The stocks making the largest advances (by % of dashboards) since 12/31/2012 are: QUALCOMM (QCOM), Coach (COH) and Bio-Reference Labs (BRLI).

The newcomer this quarter is Coca-Cola (KO).

Strongest Performers

The top performers in the MANIFEST 40 tracking portfolio are:

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