CNBC Stock Draft 2012: Photo Finish?

Photo Credit: Andreas Ebling via Compfight cc

Last year’s CNBC Stock Selection Draft may have started slow, but coming out of the turn and with one week to go — the race is heating up like, well … two billionaires brawling over a vitamin supplement company.

Not to be outdone by any Hollywood movie whether the horse be named Hidalgo, Seabiscuit or Secretariat … Joshua “Reformed Broker” Brown and his horse (RIMM) did their best imitation of a glue factory admission for most of the year as RIMM started excruciatingly slow but has passed the entire field in recent weeks and days. Cue the drama. Meanwhile, Reggie “No Glue Around Here” Middleton has been driving Google (GOOG) and serving up an unhealthy dose of dust for the field.

Only Josh and Reggie have managed to outperform the S&P 500 with their noble steeds. The highlighted entries show the selections and the other companies in the field were left on the cutting room floor at CNBC. (There’s little if any truth to the rumor that Cramer and Herb were still milling about, dishing out grief over the unchosen/ignored winners … except that Greenberg was notably grumpy about it)

The following provides the current value of $100 (each) invested in the field on 4/25/2012.

Coming down the stretch:

1. Brown (RIMM)
2. Middleton (GOOG)
3. Najerian (SBUX)
4. Altucher (AAPL)
5. Doolittle (DELL)
6. Hickey (JCP)
7. “Elmer” Adami (RSH)

Current dashboard:

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