Black Friday at the Forum

Black Friday: LIVE at the Forum

Avoid the Madness of Crowds and the arm bar take downs while jostling for those three dirt cheap (and soon to be out-of-stock) LCD displays and share some time with your investing friends instead.

We’ll “man” this folder continuously through the day — with a break for a Murder Mystery with the family at 1 PM ET — starting at 8 AM ET. It’ll be like “Open Microphone, Open Keyboard” but at a slower pace.

  • What’s On Your Mind?
  • What topic would you like to explore? Need some link references?
  • Is there a stock that we should we studying collectively?
  • Did you find the 50 Best Small Companies helpful? Did you study/buy any of them?

The format will be “almost live.” You may either post your questions in this folder or email topics/questions to and we’ll post answers, links, follow up questions right here on the Forum.

Forum access is a benefit of subscribing to  You may create a trial account and a 30-day FREE test drive to participate in this session.

You may also tweet questions and topic requests to: @manifestinvest “Follow me!”