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Searching For Stocks … In All The Right Places

We’re leading with our stock screener in the Benzinga FinTech Awards because it’s a feature that is centered on the core of our long-term investing philosophy and method. Balanced on the lessons learned by the modern investment club movement, our stock screener (StockSearch) is the tip of the iceberg — but it’s a demonstration of what is possible when investors remain focused on what matters. Our StockSearch is one of the few tools where investors can screen based on return forecast and/or quality as defined by Benjamin Graham. It’s a powerful advantage. And it’s SIMPLE.

We seek to stack the probabilities of success in our favor. How? Keep it simple. Occam was right.

The two most important characteristics for any investment are its return forecast, or projected annual return (PAR) and quality. Our quality rankings are based on financial strength, consistency of profitability and relative comparisons (vs. peers/competitors) for growth and profitability expectations. (For the genesis and definition of the quality ranking, see: Quality Ranked — Excellence Measured.

Return Forecasts Built … Enables Powerful Screening

We use business model analysis and regressions to build long-term trends for sales and ultimately, earnings expectations for the companies that we follow. Analyst consensus estimates are continuously monitored for any impact (positive or negative) on the business models.

The method produces a return forecast, our projected annual return (PAR) that can be used to isolate opportunities for stocks to study. Audit and verify. Buy and own for as long as it makes sense to do so.

There are very few research/reference sites or publications that support screening based on return forecast — and this is a key differentiator, and advantage, for the long-term investors of our community.

Screening Results

The following display provides the screening results — and supports rapid comparisons of the major fundamentals and characteristics for the qualifying companies:

Screening Results. The list displays companies that survive the screen with a sufficient, or attractive, return forecast — narrowing the range to 13-16% growth forecast. Quality was limited to Excellent companies — those that rank in the 20% of all companies based on the industry/peer comparisons. We further limited the field by requiring Financial Strength > 80 — to deliver strong balance sheets and fields of opportunity and EPS Stability > 80 — to ensure consistency for core candidates.

Further Reading & Viewing

Keeping It Simple — The Best Solutions

Like we’ve said, Occam was right about this. Our decades of discovering the best stocks, world class leaders and assuming ownership when they’re “on sale” is based on attention to a few key factors. Those core characteristics lead to the formation of our return forecasts — enabling us to comparison shop and maintain vigilance. We own companies for as long as it makes sense to do so. The StockSearch tool supports other screens like shopping for companies near their 52-week lows … and try the Ivory Soap screen for yourself, entering MANIFEST Rank > 99.44 as the sole screening criterion. Set the growth forecast at 12% or greater to deliver some smaller, faster-growing companies with promise and potentially rewarding futures. See which companies may be worthy of purchase consideration.

There are many, many screening programs out there — many of them screening on stuff that probably doesn’t matter quite as much. We focus instead on results. StockSearch is a results-based tool designed to serve our quest for better returns. The ability to screen on return forecasts is nearly exclusive to Manifest Investing. We believe you’ll quickly discover the power, simplicity and potential to seek better relative returns.

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