NAIC National Convention … Gone Shopping

As the Better Investing long-term investing community celebrates its 63rd annual convention, here are some shopping ideas for stock studies.

High Quality & Return Forecast Screening Results

The following high-quality stocks have outsized return forecasts as featured on the Stocks page today at

Schaumburg sweet 16

Mucho Momentum, Persistence

As featured in our cover story for May (2014), this screening for non-core stocks was inspired by our repeat group champion in our annual stockpicking contest, The Broad Assets Investment Club of St. Louis.

Their selection of Lannett (LCI) tripled in 2012 and tripled AGAIN in 2013.

This listing attempts to identify companies with breakout earnings (early stage in their life cycle) with outsized earnings forecasts for 2014 and 2015.

Ivory Screen

These are the top percentile stocks based on a combination ranking of return forecast (PAR) and quality — and not limited to median return forecast (MIPAR) plus ten percentage points.

Ivory screen 20140515