Stocks to Study (3/9/2015)

The most “green lights” are on Chart Industries (GTLS) with a nod to Precision Castparts (PCP) a long-time community favorite.

We also note that — despite a solid 2014 (+26.6%) — Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) is still a pretty good idea. And a far, far better idea than reading what Berkshire Hathaway has bought and chasing those purchases. It’s a recipe for disaster … or at least erosion of several percentage points of total return.

Stocks to study 20150313

Buffett: Gone Shopping?

A screen searching for stocks Warren Buffett (BRK.B) may be interested in turned up 28 names, but only one – ADM – is a current Berkshire holding.

Most likely to catch the Oracle’s eye from the rest of the list, writes Jack Hough in Barron’s — Screening For Stocks Buffett Might Buy , is Sysco (SYY), Cummins (CMI), and Illinois Tool Works (ITW). [Seeking Alpha]

On closer examination, we’d concur on Sysco (SYY) but I’m not so sure about most of the others.

A few years ago I wrote an article that took a look at Coca-Cola through the eyes of Warren Buffett and our stock analysis methodology … as he might have seen it back in 1988-89.

The bottom line is that he appears to embrace quality and projected returns as we’d expect any disciple of Graham to do.

And in that regard, I don’t think there are 28 companies on his list. At least not these 28 companies: