Market Mystery Solved!

Breaking. The stock market is a teenage daughter.

Expecting Alpha

As the year winds down — and we get this blog launched — we’ll be going back to a number of our favorites, a few oldies-but-goodies.  Some will share fodder for investment-related and life-related pondering.  Others will convey research methods and findings, but they’re all intended to help you (particularly if you’re new to Manifest Investing) to get to know us better.  This was written after attending a Martina McBride concert this summer — and it’s clear that the stock market does behave very much like a teenage daughter, sometimes.

Benjamin Graham had it all wrong.

I’ll let that heresy sink in for a minute.

I ain’t complainin’, but I’m tired.
So I’m just sayin’ what I think.
And if we’re being honest,
Then honestly I think [we all] need a drink.

Graham — hailed as the father of fundamental analysis and value investing — often used a characterization for…

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