This Is How We Do (2014 Results)

For those of you who watched the Super Bowl (and those of you who watch the commercials and halftime show), recall that Katy Perry rode into the stadium for the halftime extravaganza on a huge lion, singing about roaring like a champion?

One of her hit songs is entitled, This Is How We Do.

This is how we do… yeah, chilling, laid back
Straight stuntin’ ya we do it like that

I didn’t know what “stuntin” actually referred to but based on this urban dictionary rendition, we think it applies to all things Groundhog. Hugh McManus of Pasadena and the Serious Investment Club of Pittsburgh are the latest in a long line of stuntin legacy — taking home top honors for Groundhog Challenge VIII in the individual and group categories.

Collectively, we “chill, lay back” and select a basket of 5-20 stocks that will go unchanged over the course of the Groundhog Calendar. Over the years, we’ve noticed very little swinging for the fences. A few participants will try to isolate a promising deep value situation with a potential catalyst that could deliver over the course of a year. But for the most part, the participants select high-quality stocks that would be suitable for the long term, a time horizon measured in years, if not decades.

Gh returns 20150202r
We kick off this performance results summary with a look at the collective performance over eight years where the average annualized return is 10.0% during a period when the Wilshire 5000 delivered 6.6% annualized returns.

Straight stuntin’ indeed.

The following table presents the leader board at the conclusion of the 2014 stock picking contest.  $1,000,000 invested on Groundhog Day (2/2/2014) became what is displayed here.

All-Time Results: Honor Roll

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