Heavy Hogs (2015): Invest With Your Friends

Here are the consensus favorites from the entries in Groundhog Challenge IX (2015).

It was a dead heat between QUALCOMM (QCOM) and Cognizant Technology (CTSH). The figures in parentheses are the number of times a stock appeared among the 2015 entries.

It’s a solid list across the board with an overall PAR of 15.1% and an average quality rating of 91. Collectively, these selections rank in the top 7th percentile of all stocks based on return forecast and quality ranking. The average Value Line low total return forecast is 11.1% (vs. 3-4% for the Value Line 1700). The price-to-fair value ratios according to Morningstar and S&P are also quite favorable … as well as the 1-year total return forecast (+20.3%) based on consensus 1-year price targets (and current yields).

Heavy hogs 2015 20150206

The tracking dashboard for the 2015 consensus selections (Heavy Hogs) is available at:


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