Annual Super Bowl Poll (2014)

It’s time for our annual Super Bowl survey.

There’s not a clear “old NFL” team again this year. But, the Denver Broncos are clearly an “old AFL” team, so for investing purposes and in homage to the Super Bowl indicator, we’d have to lean on those upstart Seattle Seahawks despite Peyton Manning and his “Omaha-rich” assault on the record books this year.

It’s time to get out there and BUY SOME STOCKS. 🙂

We’re 6-for-8 having mistakenly selected the 49ers over the Ravens last year.

XLVII: San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowl won by Baltimore Ravens)
XLVI: New York Giants (defeated the New England Patriots)
XLV: Green Bay Packers (defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers)
XLIV: New Orleans Saints (defeated the Indianapolis Colts)
XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers (defeated the Arizona Cardinals)
XLII: New England Patriots (Super Bowl won by New York Giants)
XLI: Indianapolis Colts (defeated the Chicago Bears)
XL: Pittsburgh Steelers (defeated the Seattle Seahawks)

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