Rose Bowl Memories


This year’s Rose Bowl features a couple of teams from geographies chock full of Manifest Investing participants. And in our house, a special place for a Michigan State grad creates more than a little bias.

If you’ve ever been to the pageant and gala, you know what I mean. It’s a wonderful day and when the weather cooperates, it’s spectacular.

But my favorite memory involves the Fighting Illini and the USC Trojans. My friend, Kelly Mace, and I spent several hours meandering the grounds before the game. There are party tents, tail gates, sponsor and alumni gatherings … all blended on the grounds of park and golf course surrounding the stadium.

But the moment is priceless. A group of Trojan fans dumped a cooler of beverages and ice as they made their way to their celebration location. After a prolonged moment of standing there gnashing teeth, etc. a couple of University of Illinois students approached them.

“Step back.” “We got this.” “We have a whole lot more experience handling this icy stuff than any of you do.”

“You’re welcome.” “Enjoy the game.” “The probability that you will enjoy the game more than us is not something we’re all that comfortable with …”

Kelly and I smiled as we watched these good Samaritans save the moment, restoring the beverages and coolant — and heading off to their own celebration.

“We never had a chance to thank them … and they were gone.”

And they were right about the game … for Illinois fans.

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