Growing Chasm: Wealth Inequality in America

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The Growing Chasm

I think the problem/challenge/opportunity is at least one quantum order larger than the national debt we face. (Yes, you read that right … and I’m serious.)

The following five minute video illustrates the deep distribution imbalance of wealth in as powerful a delivery as I’ve seen in some time.

Wealth Inequality In America

Wealth re-distribution by confiscation is a flawed mechanism, particularly when it is fueled by envy and dipped in a Robin Hood aura.

Looking at the accompanying graphic and fully absorbing the video, we’re getting further and further from a long-term program of education and equity participation in this country, a campaign that would hold/deliver many long-term solutions to clear and present challenges and opportunity for a better future.

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Sadly, over the last several years, the chasm has widened.  If we’re going to turn the tide, a prolonged educational effort is essential.

2 thoughts on “Growing Chasm: Wealth Inequality in America

  1. What puzzles me is why people aren’t scared silly at the paucity of their retirement resources. Do they really think they deserve to take money earned by someone else if they themselves didn’t make good judgments and defer wants so they could meet future basic needs? Does every household really need 3-4 TVs, does every child need an Iphone, a separate bedroom? Are off-road vehicles and snow mobiles really essential to the family welfare? Are they suppporting an elderly parent? Do they think their children are likely to have the means to support them? How did so many people in our nation succumb to affluenza?

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