HMS Holdings (HMSY)


Company Description

HMS Holdings (HMSY) provides cost containment and payment accuracy services for government-sponsored health and human services programs in the United States. Their coordination of benefits services route claims already paid by a government program to a liable third party, which then reimburses the government payor. Its cost avoidance services provide validated insurance coverage information that is used by government payors to reject claims that are the responsibility of a third party, typically a group health plan sponsored by the beneficiary’s employer. HMS also offers independent external medical review on issues of quality of care.

Business Model

Profitability Analysis

Technical Analysis: Long Term Perspective

Here is where it gets a little bit dicey for HMSY — because we can’t be sure that the company is “out of the woods” yet.

In its favor, that long-term price trend is strong … and there’s a fair amount of technical support in the realm of $22-23, perhaps even $25.

Equity Analysis Guide: Worksheet

Points of View

Morningstar discontinued coverage back in November 2012 and has reduced their Financial Health rating on HMSY.

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