Challenge Club (March 2013)

The Challenge Club voted to accumulate Qualcomm (QCOM) and to buy Echo Global Logistics (ECHO) during the March session.

Financial Results

The unit value for the Challenge Club is $24.31, up +2.1% from last month ($23.80). The Wilshire 5000 is up +3.3% over the last thirty days.

Since inception (1999), the annualized total return for the Challenge Club is 6.8% — with an annualized relative return checking in at +3.1%.

Challenge vs benchmark 20130323

Sorting by Return Forecast (PAR) & Sweet Spot Analysis

With MIPAR at 6.8% — the target for the overall portfolio PAR is 11.8-16.8%.

This range serves a dual purpose as it’s also the sweet spot for individual stocks — companies that would be attractive with PAR from 12-17% so long as quality is suitable.

All three primary portfolio characteristics (overall return forecast, quality and growth) are suitable and within the target range with the greatest need for a growth boost — if anything.

Candidates for Accumulation: AFLAC (AFL), QUALCOMM (QCOM) …

Challenge dash sort 20130322r

Challenge valuation 20130322

The ending dashboard for the portfolio can be found and monitored continuously here.

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