Rites of Spring … Spring Eternal

Derek Jeter’s (2) play kept the Yankee dynasty alive in 2001. Many veteran sportswriters regard this play as the most “heads up” play they’ve ever seen. Note that Jeter is behind home plate as he follows through. It was impossible, picture perfect and simply unforgettable. Giambi (7) was tagged out inches from home plate. Source: http://www.espn.com

Now that pitchers and catchers have reported … followed by the rest of the team … and the World Baseball Classic is underway, we revisit this gem from our own Cy Lynch from March  2007.

It’s a reminder of the virtues of practice (and paying attention) in investing — through the eyes of baseball and spring training:

If you’re new to investing, Cy Lynch captured the essence of “practice … practice … practice …” with this classic celebration of baseball’s annual rite of Spring Training.

For the players, Spring Training is far from glamorous. It’s an often monotonous, even grueling time. Fielders take ground ball after ground ball practicing so that they are in the right place when it counts. Pitchers, not known for, or relied on for their hitting ability, practice bunting over and over so that it becomes second nature. Attention to detail. Routine. Second nature.

For a spring training drill, Yogi Berra instructed his players to “Pair off in threes.”

Seriously, it’s the spectacularly routine things that matter most.

Rites of Spring

2 thoughts on “Rites of Spring … Spring Eternal

  1. “Move the line”, Bruce Bochy. Baseball is the perfect metaphor for investing – its a game of On Base percentages. HR are great when they happen, but more games are won by linking together walks, singles, doubles and the occasional triple. My reading this Winter has been split between baseball books and investing books.

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