Groundhog VII: And They’re OFF!

We’re hoping for a large measure of market-obliterating performance during the Groundhog VII — our stock selection contest for 2013 — but the start out of the gate is a little choppy (so far).

Yes, we know it’s early. Really, really early.

But so far, a relatively small number (16%) of participants have topped the Wilshire 5000 a few weeks into our version of a Groundhog-based Iditarod.

Starting block kudos to perennial group challenger, The Mutual Investment Group of Cheney and individual entrants Jerry Warner, Susan Lynch and Larry Dix. There’s a couple of rhinos (Warren Buffett and Whitney Tilson) on the leader board — and 2011 individual champion Nick Stratigos is lurking, as usual.

You can find the consensus favorites here: Heavy Hogs for 2013

And the full scoreboard here; Groundhog VII Scoreboard

Run, Punxsy Phil. Run.

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