Presidential Portfolios on Parade

Presidential Portfolios on Parade

Happy President’s Day out there, everybody. Buy some furniture and boost the local economy. It’s part of our mantra. Invest in the Best, the leaders. So it makes sense to be presidential with our portfolios.

Have you ever wondered about the various published dashboards at Manifest Investing? Are you relatively unfamiliar with our demonstration portfolios?

Dashboard Diagnostics: February 19 at 8:30 ET

On Tuesday night, February 19, we’ll take a closer look at the various demonstrations starting with our flagship Tin Cup model portfolio. Launched in 1995, this model portfolio invests the maximum amount possible in a 401(k) simulation under the assumption that investing in individual stocks has been possible since inception. The selection methodology is consistent and based on a mechanical approach made possible by the Value Line Investment Survey (and subject to Manifest Investing interpretation.)

We describe Tin Cup as Schlossian — a perpetual tribute to Walter Schloss. Walter was a resident of Graham-and-Doddsville. Tin Cup is currently at $1,034,356 and has outperformed the general stock market 4-of-the-last-6 years. The relative return for this model portfolio, since inception, is approximately +7% (versus the Value Line Arithmetic Average).

Other portfolios that we’ll spend some time with include:

  • Solomon Select Tracking Portfolio: Monthly Stock Selection Performance
  • Hoard vs. Herd: Monthly Fund-Based Qualified Plan
  • Heavy Hogs 2013: Favorite selections by Groundhog VII entrants
  • Round Table Tracking Portfolio
  • BareNaked Million
  • Core Diem

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