Time-Honored Successful Investing

We want you to experience better results. Period.

I’ve witnessed time-honored success in investing that spans several decades. That success has been realized by individual investors and groups of investors (partnerships known as investment clubs.) Success can be defined many ways. For our purposes, we regard success as achieving superior returns.

Investing is not easy. But it doesn’t have to be complex either:

“… in 44 years of Wall Street experience and study, I have never seen dependable calculations made about common stock values, or related investment policies, that went beyond simple arithmetic or the most elementary algebra. Whenever calculus is brought in, or higher algebra, you could take it as a warning signal … of substituting theory for experience … or to give speculation the deceptive guise of investment.” — Ben Graham.

In our work with successful investors, we’ve seen what works. It’s a harsh reality that STOCK PRICES FLUCTUATE. These fluctuations often produce a calamitous combination of frustration, fear, confusion and frankly — drives most would-be investors crazy. The result commonly produces ostriches and in a nutshell, fosters conditions where people avoid life-changing potential of discovering and OWNING the best companies at the best prices.

“Investing is most intelligent when it is most businesslike … DISCIPLINED [and PATIENT] … and superior results are possible.” — Benjamin Graham, George Nicholson Jr., David L. Babson, Kenneth Janke, Warren Buffett, Thomas O’Hara, et al.

Chaos is not a reluctant investor’s best friend. But the reliable extremes achieved by momentum-driven pendulums can be one of the best friends to a patient, committed and disciplined long-term investor.

We created Manifest Investing to generate and maintain FOCUS on the things that really matter — focused specifically on the most important factors that have led to decades of superior investing results. Lessons learned over decades still apply.

Superior results are possible. Rinse. Repeat.

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